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Oh Hey There!

The whole “talking about yourself” is sort of a strange, awkward thing, have you ever noticed that? What are you supposed to say about yourself? And for that matter, how does a person even approach this?

  • Where were you born? I was Born in Florida.
  • What is your sign? Typical Gemini.
  • What is your background? I am an Italian American (Yes, I grew up saying words incorrectly)
  • What is your favorite food? I love cheese; Damn you lactose!

Maybe you go with an elevator pitch? Greatest accomplishments? Hummmmm, nope, thats not it. Let me think…

... Ok I got it! Let’s just get honest.

I am pretty much just like you. I am a curious, driven, “don’t fit into a mold” type of person. I have most DEFINITELY been where you are right now. And ABSOLUTELY struggled through the same quicksand you find yourself dredging through at the moment.

I am a writer, a coach and a speaker for those who don’t have a big enough Italian voice. My life, like yours, is dedicated to learning how to get out of my own way and become the most FREAKING extraordinary human I can be.

I know, can you believe it! You aren’t alone.

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This section is my “been there done that" story. Sort of the whole reason why I am now dedicated to helping smart, thoughtful, multi-dimensional humans like yourself.

I know first hand about toxic relationship cycles, the codependent doubt that “you aren’t lovable”, the “not enoughness” voice that keeps nagging you until you fall asleep. The burning desire to be more than just your job, paycheck, kids and pretend happy persona we create on social media. Because all any of us are really craving is just some honest, gosh-darn connection and some kickass passion in our life. "Gimme that JOY and HAPPINESS damn it!".

Lastly, My life and energy is to support your growth and strip away the stories you have told yourself of who you THINK you are, so that you can become the crazy awesome people you are MEANT to be!

Sound like a match made in "you’re not alone” heaven?

Are you ready for some honest connection and that feel-good passion for life? Let’s get this journey started together!

We are talking about joy people! Sign up and I will be in touch in a snap to set up your first session! Talk with you soon.