September 23, 2019  |  

Written by Heather Turano

Breaking Down Masculine & Feminine Energy to Get the Most Out of Each Season.

masculine feminine energy

When our masculine and feminine energies are flowing through us equally, we seem to have perfect harmony and balance in our lives. We can control what needs to be controlled, while still staying open to change and the waves of life.

We feel the most balance when these two sides are operating in a synchronized dance of back and forth. Like our breath; we need equal inhales and exhales to function. We need both masculine and feminane energy to stablize or Being.

However, sometimes one energy out weighs the other in different parts and times of our lives.

Different seasons, also invite leaning on one energy more than the other.

Spring / Summer and Feminine Energy

What is feminine energy?

Feminine energy is:

Receptive, soft, fluid, allowing, nurturing, sensual, empathetic, flexible, emotional, and expressed through the subtle realm.

Spring and Summer are associated with the need for more feminine energy.

Take spring for example; as we start to see new growth, we are asked to open ourselves up to new things and let go of what "was". We shed the layers of winter and begin to wear lighter fabrics and expose parts of our body. We literally "open ourselves up".

When we are in our feminine energy; we are open, leaning back, allowing, flowing and flexible. We trust in life. The structure and control of winter takes a back seat, as springs new growth inspires us to "bloom".

Summer is also an invitation to ditch that masculine energy. Rolling down the windows in our cars, allow the wind to flow through our hair, schools are closed and even our corporate offices are more relaxed (#summerfridays).

Spring and summer asks us to lean more toward feminine energy.

Relaxed, allowing, flowing, free from control or outcome.

Fall / Winter and Masculine Energy

What is masculine energy?

Masculine energy is:

Focused, goal-oriented, stable, strong, structured, logical, driven, and expressed through the physical realm.

As Summer comes to a close, more structure starts to show its face during fall.

Schools are back in session, we start to layer on cloths. Beginning to cover up, close off, settle in and find more stable ground. A pattern to our days begins again and the free flowing summer fades into the past.

Leaves shed from the trees leaving only the steady strong trunks, branches and roots visible.

Autumn asks us to let our masculine energy take the lead. Letting go of what doesn't serve us, so we can become more focused on what does.

In winter we eat heaver foods, we protect or hearts and heads with jackets and winter hats. The snow makes it difficult to drive so we are prompted to settle in and stay still.

Like I have said in the past sitting with yourself can be pretty difficult if you don't have the right tools to help you through it. Here is a meditation to help ground you and invite more masculine energy in.

The seasons change. And with each change, comes a new balance of energies.

Our Feminine Energy helps us to be carefree, open and flexible.

While our Masculine Energy helps us settle in, ground down and form more structure in our days.

Enjoy the change of the season! Let go, Grow, and then REPEAT.