July 28, 2019  |  

Written by Heather Turano

Why Savasana is the Hardest Yoga Pose.

I have been happily easing back into my yoga practice and workout routine since recovering from childbirth #nottoofun. I have to admit my body is not bouncing back as quickly as I would have hoped. I guess being 37 and never needing to be too concerned about about my weight in the past has bit me in the butt a little. Oh well, their are worse things. That being said, I have finally nailed down a "back to work" schedule and care for Nova this past week. Mainly so I can schedule coaching clients and have sold blocks of time for writing. However, I must admit, it is REALLY REALLY nice to make it to my favorite yoga classes while she is gone!

There is one class at my local gym called Mind Body Balance. I try my hardest to get there at least twice a week (you know, to balance my mind and body, hence the name). This past week, as I set up my mat, there was an extremely fit woman behind me.

I know you know who I am talking about; mid 40's, tan, has worked out everyday of her life, probably doing the same exact workout routine since she was in high school,

Any-who, as she was uncomfortably seated on her mat, I overheard her telling the woman next to her that this was the second yoga class she has ever taken in her life. Her doctor recommended she do yoga a few times per week to reduce stress because she is super "type A". Her words, not mine.

As we moved through class the yoga instructor inside me couldn't help but watch her and evaluate her down dogs and forward folds (It is a sickness, I am working on it.). After the class was over, she turned to the woman next to her once again and said “that was a really nice class, but at the end we were just laying there doing nothing”. Haha, "Savasana", I thought to myself. She continued by saying that as she was laying there all she was thinking about was everything she needed to do that day. She also said she was bored and she could have been doing so much stuff in that time she was just lying there.

Side Note: the savasana was approximately 3 minutes long...

I promise, Savasana isn't just a waste of time.

As a yoga instructor I hear this all too much. So many students can bend, balance and twist, but struggle to relax and sit with themselves.

The art of relaxation is harder than it looks. And the whole point of moving, bending and then finally finding the pose of savasana, isn’t for nothing. It is to get us set up for a deeper form of relaxation called “meditation”.

You have most likely heard your yoga instructor say; “the hardest pose is usually the pose you need to practice the most”. Savasana is no different!

If you are a person that finds savasana annoying, stressful or difficult. Maybe consider practicing it more.

Learning to relax with attention and remaining conscious while still being at ease, is no easy task. Trying not to fall a sleep or thinking about a million things is an extremely difficult practice. That is why this pose, for so many people is the most difficult pose in their practice.

However, if you can master savasana, it has the ability to help you become much more aware of yourself. You begin to notice all your subtleties and start to let go of long-held tension in your body and mind!

The next time you find yourself in savasana try not to leave the class early.

  • If you are a person who is thinking of a million things while you lay there; notice it and let go.
  • If you usually fall-to-sleep; try to scan your body, notice where you are holding tension, and relax into it.

We run around keeping busy all day. Running from ourselves, our feelings, our aches and pains. We think it is a positive thing to never stop; that we should get a metal when we collapse at the end of the day. But we never get that metal. "Doing more" just leads to less joy in the minutes that make up our lives.

It is hard to sit with yourself. Savasana is here to teach us to notice and let go.