April 23, 2019  |  

Written by Heather Turano

Dating After Divorce: 4 Things To Help You Find Lasting Love After Divorce

Dating after Divorce

1. Make a List

I know it may sound crazy but manifesting what you want in your ideal person is a sure fire way to get the love you are looking for.

Write a list (yes, on paper) of all the qualities, values and personality traits you want in another person. And get very very detailed. How would they treat your family. do they come from a good family. Do they have empathy for others. how they would best comfort you when you were low. Keep going and going and going until your hand gets tired and then go some more.

After you are done writing the list let it go into the universe. Know you will find exactly what is on that list.

2. Date a Lot of People

Even if you are a mushy monogamist, do not go on one date and then get married. It is your job to date as many people as you can and get an idea of they type of person you really need in your life now. It is also your job to watch this person and see who they are before you fall head over heals.

The experts recommendation is dating at least 3 people seriously before you settle down with the next person. This helps you get over unhealthy behaviors from your previous marriage and develop healthy patterns to build a stable foundation for your next.

3. Date People You Normally Would Not Date

Remember your Ex is your Ex for a reason. They weren't right for you, so don't date them again. Please.

You know that guy that you are friends with that you can talk about anything too? or that co-worker that you work so well with and can solve any problem that comes up? News flash those are the qualities that are most important in a lasting relationship. Not the muscles and the perfect body. So go for the guy that you can talk to and work through problems with.

4. Dating Apps Are Insane

If you are anything like me after my divorce. Texting didn't even exist and people had to call each other to plan a date. This seems to have gotten lost on this "swipe right, ghosting, bread crumbing" generation.

Raise and set your standards in the beginning for how you expect to be treated. Tell them to call and ask you out, not "text you out" (Yes, that is actually a thing). Tell them that you have a very full life, so they have to schedule in advance for a date (No last minute bootie calls wanted).

If they are lazy in the beginning of your relationship. They will be so much worse as things move forward. By setting your standards in the beginning it will weed out the people just looking for one night stands or a casual thing.

Remember you did this once. An't no body got time for that.