April 23, 2019  |  

Written by Heather Turano

How to fill the void after the loss of a loved one

In my experience, everyone goes through the stages of grief when they lose someone. There is no skipping these stages.

However, some people get stuck and never fully move through all of these stages.

Staying stuck in one of the phases can have a life long impact on how fulfilling your life ends up.

So learning to deal with moving through loss is essential to finding full happiness.

The Only Mind Shift You Need to Know When Dealing with Loss:

If you find that you are stuck, here is the one and only shift you need to make in your thinking. Once you shift your mind you can start to move through loss easier.


Part of life is knowing one day a person you cherish will leave you. After that, you will have a hole in your Being.


The mistake I see people make is trying to fill that hole with anything they can grasp on to... Alcohol, drugs, another person.

The truth is. No matter what you try to fill that space with, it will never equal what you lost.

It may numb the pain or distract the days. But you will face that hole over and over through life.


Here is the one shift you need to make in your thinking:

  • Find comfort in that empty part of your Being, where that special person once occupied.
  • Sit with it. Accept this as truth. And know it is ok to feel it.
  • This is how you know it was real and beautiful and worth that space being empty forever.


A helpful mantra to recite to yourself may sound something like this:

“I love that hole where you once were. How special is it that nothing will ever be able to fill that space. I feel comfort in that hole”.

Once you shift your mind, you can start to move through loss easier and begin to heal.

Have you lost anyone close? How do you deal with loss?

Leave a comment below on how you have dealt with loss and grief. Help others feel less alone in the journey by posting support and other positive ways that have helped you cope.

Wishing you all so much peace in your time of healing.