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Written by Heather Turano

3 mistakes woman make when first dating a man

Mistake #1: Stop trying to prove your worthy of him

One mistake I see in woman often (and I have been know to do this in my past as well.) is when we start dating a guy, we try way too hard to prove we are worthy of him. When we barely even know who he is and if we even want to actually date him. At this stage of dating you should be testing him out. Your attitude should be "why do you deserve me". You need to show him that you have an abundant amount of potential men you could be dating in your back pocket and he is the lucky one you are giving a chance to. And if he can’t show up at the level you are at, than it's on to the next one!

At this beginning stage you really should be just sitting back and watching who he is, how he treats you, and how he treats other people. Remember until maybe the 3rd date he is a complete stranger. Ladies, You can’t be in love with a man this early in the game. Control your feelings, protect your hearts and have high standards for the men that you decide to date.

Mistake #2: Do not drop your life for a man you just started dating

The second mistake I see is, woman tend to drop their life for a date. For example when a girl starts dating a guy she likes, what does she usually do? Stops hanging out with friends, sits by her phone waiting to be asked out, clears her calendar just incase he wants to go out on Saturday. NOOOOOO…. Remember your life is full. This person has not proven that they are worth you canceling plans or even having a weekend date yet. Those weekend “holy days” if you will, are for really special people in your life! Do not cancel your plans for a man that you just started dating, in-fact if he calls on Thursday and asks you out Friday night, let him know you already have plans. Tell him that if he wants to go out, it is usually better to plan something with you in advance because your schedule books up fast. Set your standards from the beginning. If he is the man for you he will respect that and ask you out for Saturday night.

Mistake #3: Do not sleep with them

Mistake number three, Oh Ladies and this is a doozy, do not sleep with them. I think woman sometimes think that a guy will not stay unless you sleep with them after the third date. I say, Isn’t it better if on date three, you say good night with a kiss and see if he calls you and asks you out for date 4?

There are no rules on this. I have waited and not waited but the fact is. If you sleep with them that doesn’t mean they will commit to you. Wait until you are in a committed relationship. Then you both have decided that it is worth the next step and you protect yourself from a lot more pain if it doesn't end up working out.

I will close this post with some little tid-bits of brilliant insight

Men need to feel like you are a challenge. They need to feel like you don’t just go out with anyone that asks for your number. They need to feel like they are special because you chose to give them a chance. Let them fight for your time, let them wonder if you like them, let them chase you and show you they are worthy of you.

Stay in that beautiful feminine energy. Just sit back, be open, relaxed, and light. Let them take care of you. If he is the right man. He will rise to the challenge and do the work. If he is the wrong man, he will fall away, and it is your job to let him.

There is no need to convince anyone to be with you. If you start convincing some one to be with you now, that will be the pattern of your relationship, and who wants that? you will see who is right and who is wrong if you just lean back, observe his actions and except who they are at face value, not who you want them to be.

What mistakes have you made in the past when first dating some one?

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